Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary- July 2, 2018 

Bryan shared a video of Lou Holtz’s Commencement address about keeping the main thing the main thing. Life doesn’t need to be complicated. We all need something to do, someone to love, something to believe, and something to hope for. In all things serve God well. 1 Corinthians 10:31 

Discussion on how to improve the efficiency of board and other committee meetings. 

Names for the Board Development Committee were selected by the board and will be shared when all confirm their willingness to serve. The Committee will be made of 4 Society members and 1 Board member will act as chair. The mandate was established by the Board Governance Taskforce. 

New Board members were selected by lot. Names will be shared when all confirm their willingness to serve. 

The re-write of the policy continues to progress. Only a few sections left for final review. Some revisions will go to Society for a vote in the Spring. 

Discussion on a Fall Kick off event to inform society of Board and Admin goals for the upcoming year. An adhoc committee will plan the details. 

Enrollment and Budget status shared with goals to continue to grow enrollment through the summer and ways to be efficient with the budget. 

Be the One program shared and approved to be added to LC in the Fall. Be the One is a mentorship program that we believe will build community and minister to students who may be in need of having this support system. 

Other ideas and plans shared to continue to improve the culture of LC as well as to help all to fulfill the mission of LC. 

The meeting was closed with prayer. Requests shared: student and family in great need of prayer for wisdom, healing, and strength. Prayer for new teachers and staff. Budget and staff needs. The FRC Brazil Mission trip.