Lynden Christian Board of Directors Summary – December 3, 2018

Dan Gibson read from Zachariah 14: “Holy to the Lord” was tied to the turban of Aaron and the high priests. “On that day” (when Christ comes again), even the bells of horses will be inscribed. We live in the in-between; between the first and second comings of Christ. We yearn for the second coming and work in the light of that day. We point our children toward that day; we are dealing with eternal destinies.

The School Board reviewed the 2017-2018 year-end financial statements. We were mostly on track for the year, though there were some overages in spending in a few areas; this created a reduction in our surplus fund. The start of 2018-2019 is looking fine.

The Board Development Committee is continuing to meet monthly; they are planning to begin some board training in January.

Jeanny Aupperlee provided an “inclusion” report to the school board; she reviewed the history of inclusion at LC going back to 2006. Other highlights were the relationship created with CLC in 2015, and for the 2018-19 school year, Aims Web screening was added for better tracking of learning. The education committee has assigned a task force to clarify and improve the practice of inclusion at Lynden Christian. There are many examples where inclusion has had a profound positive effect on the fellow non-high needs students.

The meeting was closed with prayer.