Follow these instructions to set up your account, log in and schedule appointments with your child’s teachers:



  1. Click on this link or paste it into your browser:

LCSParentTeacherConferences 2017

2.  Enter your email address but leave the password blank.  Then click "Login/Create Account".

3.  Fill in the required fields and register (click OK).

4.  Enter your child’s ID number and birthdate in mm/dd/yy format.  Click Add.

5.  Click on the date that you would like to schedule your conference.

6.  Add the rest of your children before scheduling appointments.

7.  Your child’s student ID number is located on their school ID card, is their library number and came home on a bright pink paper (K-6).  If you need this number, please contact your student’s building secretary.


Each child’s schedule will appear with the names of teachers and a column indicating the available conferences.



Each colored square represents an available conference time.  The list shows which teacher corresponds to each color. (Note: you will not see all of the teachers, just the set of teachers that your child has classes with.) If one of your child’s teachers is not included in the legend, it means that teacher will not be available for conferences on November 8 and 9.  If a teacher’s row is blank for a session, they are either fully scheduled or not available during that session.

The page opens with the beginning conference times visible and the times increase as you go down the page.  There are two scroll bars on the page:  one to the right of each child’s schedule and one on the right side of the entire page.  Both are very light gray and difficult to see.  You may need to scroll down to see the later conference times using the scroll bar next to each student’s schedule. Click on a square to book that time.

You will then see a confirmation screen.  Click "Create Appointment".  The conference you have scheduled will be black.


Repeat this process for each appointment until you have a time scheduled with the teachers with whom you would like to have a conference.  (You may choose to book an appointment with as many or as few of your child’s teachers as you would like.)


If you would like to see a list of your appointments as you are creating them, click on the blue down-arrow to the left of your name at the top of the screen. Your schedule will be displayed, and there will be links to modify the time or cancel the appointment.  At any time you can click on "printable schedule" at the top of the screen and print the resulting page to get a hard copy of your schedule.


Emails and Calendars

You have the option of receiving your schedule via email and having a reminder email sent prior to the conference day.  These emails will come from ‘LCS Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling’.  You also have the option when you set up an appointment to have it added to your on-line calendar.


Subsequent Sign-in

Once you have registered, the next time you log in you need only to enter your email and password. The information and appointments you have set up will have been saved.  You will be able to cancel appointments and reschedule as long as space is available.