School Board Meeting Summary

October 2, 2017

We held our annual Board/Admin Retreat. Jeff shared about this past summer trip to Ghana and the hopes to continue a teacher mentorship partnership with many schools in Ghana.  It is a great opportunity for our students and staff to have a transforming influence in the world. Kara Turner led a communication workshop.  It was filled with useful information about different communication styles.  How our styles affect our communication and how we can appreciate other styles.  We did some work on reviewing and updating the policy and had some discussions on board governance, strategic plan, and the relationship with Bellingham Christian School.

The board ended the day with a brief board meeting.

We had an update from the promotions committee about the mascot. A motion was passed to change the mascot to a revised version of the original. A letter went out the LC community explaining the change.

A motion from FOLC to go from a 3 year FOLC board term to a 4 year term was passed. It was to line up with the length of the School Board term, to allow FOLC members to experience functions that are every other year, and get some consistency.

We shared prayer requests for our school community.  Christie Kamena, Carl Haan, and David Kenner remain in our prayers.