Prayer requests: We continue to pray for the Kamena family as Christie (Evergreen Teacher) is fighting cancer.  Pray that she and her family will have hope and courage to face each day and that the Lord will bless her with healing. 

Our meeting started with a field trip to the 2nd Chance Store and the Recycle Center.  It was exciting to see all the good work going on at these locations and the opportunities it affords FOLC to financially help LC and its families.  The board is grateful to all the employees and volunteers that make the Store and Center run smoothly. 

Dan shared with us from a book by Rick Warren about vision and from Hebrews 12:2. We need to set our minds on things above and ask God to show us His Vision for LC.  

New Board members shared the results of a Strengths test.   They shared what their top strengths were and the aspects of each strength that they could see in themselves.  These strengths finder tests allow the board to get an understanding of each member and how they might use their strengths to serve on the board. 

Paul gave an overview of our continuing relationship with Bellingham Christian School.  He shared a letter that will be going out soon to the staff, families, and society to inform them of the encouraging developments in Christian education in our area. 

Discussion and input given on how to create a Communication plan for staff and families.  The board understands the importance of creating opportunities to inform the staff and society of its plans and decisions and to give them the opportunity to give input.  

Plans for the Board Admin Retreat scheduled for October 2 were shared.  Included will be communication training, Policy Manual review and work, and discussions on board governance, strategic plan, and the relationship with Bellingham Christian School.     

Superintendent’s Report – Paul Bootsma updated the board on the situation with the CSI pension and shared plans moving forward.  He also gave a summary of some transportation issues and how the issues were solved.