Prayer requests were shared: We continue to pray for those in our community who are struggling with illness or disease and we ask God to give them strength and courage to face each day. Michael read from Job 28:20ff. What do board members need to do the best job we can? We need to pursue wisdom. God is the source of all wisdom and the fear of the Lord (reverence and awe of God) is the starting point to wisdom. We welcomed new board members and had a brief time of introductions. We expressed our gratitude to Stephanie Harvey, Jim Weinert, and Scott Engels for serving the LC board for the last 4 years. We appreciate how each one used their gifts and abilities to faithfully serve LC. 

In response to the discussion at the Society meeting, the Board has established a Board Governance taskforce to review our current Board model and recommend a Governance structure that is best suited for the Lynden Christian Society. The taskforce has been formed and they will be asked to make a presentation of their findings and recommendations to the board before the Spring 2018 Society meeting. 

Selection of New Board Officers- President: Dan Turner, Vice-President: Michael Ter Beek, Treasurer: Frank DeVries, Secretary: Vicki Huizenga, Asst. Treasurer: B.j. Westra, Asst. Secretary: Shawna VanderLeest 

Update on projected enrollment for 2017-2018 school year was given. We are very close to the projections used to create this year’s budget. 

The board approved a Conflict Resolution Policy that follows the Matthew 18 principle of conflict resolution. While conflicts, disagreements, or dissatisfaction are at times unavoidable as a result of the effects of sin, Lynden Christian Schools believes as part of its mission, that we are to follow biblical standards (Matthew 18:15-20) for resolution, to promote individual and organizational flourishing. Lynden Christian Schools recognize that, including Sunday, there are significant days of observation within our Christian faith for worship, rest, and enrichment. Board discussed what guidelines Lynden Christian Schools will use as it makes decisions when scheduling events, activities, and athletics and approved a Holy Day and Sunday statement that will be added to the LC policy. 

Superintendent’s Report – Paul Bootsma shared some of his personal goals for the new school year and how he plans to implement these goals.