Lynden Christian Schools Society Meeting

March 10, 2016—7:00 p.m.

Lynden Christian Christian Middle School—Upper Gathering Area

58 society members were present.

  1.  Board president Jacob Steiger welcomed society members and called the meeting to order. 
  2. Board member John Hiemstra led in devotions, using the story of Elijah and Elisha to challenge us to, in times of transition, pick up our cloaks, ask for the Holy Spirit, and move forward to serve in God’s grace.
  3. Board secretary Denise Blok read the minutes of the March 12, 2015, Society meeting for information only.  Motion made, seconded, and passed via voice vote to accept the minutes as presented.
  4. Board treasurer Stephanie Harvey gave an overview of the annual budget building process, and presented the 2016-2017 proposed budget for society approval.  Highlighted were:
    1. a 3% increase in tuition and a 4.8% average payroll increase
    2. a detailed explanation of significant line item changes
    3. examples of how the strategic plan drives budget building
    4. appreciation for FOLC and the Endowment for their excellent work and support of the school

Motion made, seconded, and passed via voice vote to approve the 2016-2017 budget as presented.

  1. Board president Jacob Steiger explained the Board Nominating Committee selection process.  The committee will consist of five board members and five society members.
    1. Retiring board members:  John Hiemstra, Lisa Stadt, and Denise Blok
    2. Current board members:  Dan Turner, Shawna Vanderleest
    3. Society members:  after several suggestion were made, selected by ballot were :  Michael Boer, Steve Korthuis, Karen Moorlag, Eric Van Hofwegen, and Trevor Veltkamp
  2. Superintendent Paul Bootsma reported on the strategic plan, summarizing the plan’s history and process, and emphasizing the need for a continual focus on Lynden Christian’s mission and vision as the plan is carried out.  Paul then gave a progress report, explaining several of the strategies and how they are currently being implemented.
  3. Noting completion of the agenda, Jacob adjourned the meeting.
  4. Board member Lisa Stadt closed in prayer.