What is RenWeb?

Ren Web is our school management software system that connects teachers, administrators and parents via the internet. This private and secure software allows Lynden Christian Schools to maintain data including student attendance, classroom grades, homework assignments and family tuition accounts. Parents can easily check on their child's progress, review their child's homework assignments and view tuition information. Rest assured, this new software will not replace the personal communication that Lynden Christian Schools is committed to... it's simply another communication tool for parents, teachers and administrators.

Accessing RenWeb is Easy!

1.  CLICK HERE to access Renweb.

2.  For first time users, click on the Create New ParentsWeb Account link. 

3.  When asked for a District Code, enter LYN-WA.

3.  When asked for an email address, enter the email address that you provided to Lynden Christian Schools when you registered your child(ren).

4.  Click on the Create Account button.

5.  RenWeb will email you a login link where you can create your username and password.


How Do I Learn More About RenWeb?

Once you have logged on to RenWeb, click on "Tour for New Parents" which will take you on a six-minute video tour.

I have additional questions about RenWeb?

If you have additional questions about RenWeb, please contact Mark Houseman.