We recycle cardboard, aluminum and newsprint!

Recycle Center is open from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Manager: Mrs. Alanna Wagenaar (360) 354-3973

Cardboard: Please break down your corrugated boxes and place inside the Recycle Center warehouse.

Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones, iPads/iPods/MP3's, Tablets and Laptops.  Call for other technology recycle questions.

Mixed Paper:  No longer being accepted

Tin Cans: Please empty all contents from the tin cans prior to placing in the recycling container.

Box Tops for Education - complete list of items included visit boxtops4education.com

Tyson A+ Project labels are being collected! These are worth 24cents a label

We appreciate your recycling efforts!

If you have any questions about our recycling program, please contact our Recycle Center Manager, Mrs. Alanna Wagenaar at (360) 354-3973.

For your safety our cameras are on 24/7.

100% of the proceeds benefit the students at LCS!