Graduation - LC Grandparent

This spring our mailbox will spill out the blessings of living inter-generationally.

Rare handwritten envelopes, when opened, announce to us the graduations of nine teenagers.  The accompanying photos are of grandsons and great-nieces, cousins' kids and family friends.  We know them....and they know us! Read more about Graduation - LC Grandparent >

A Letter to Teachers -- LC Senior

Being a senior is great for so many reasons: you're top of the school, you get to graduate, and you're getting ready to become an adult.  But for me, being a senior makes me think about what it took to get me here, to get me through all those years of education and to my senior year.  And the one thing I couldn't be more thankful for would be my education here at Lynden Christian Schools.  Read more about A Letter to Teachers -- LC Senior >

Christian Education - LC Employee/Parent

I am biased: I love Lynden Christian School, but not for the reasons many people do.

The quality of education is great, the campus beautiful, the community supportive, the sports programs always strong, and the mission statement expresses my desires exactly.  But my reason for choosing LC is far more selfish.  Simply, I want my children to be Christians, to know Christ, to understand and articulate the meaning of salvation. I want them to love the Lord Jesus because I want to spend forever in eternity with them – and I can’t do it alone. Read more about Christian Education - LC Employee/Parent >

Refuge -- Local Pastor

Do you feel it? Your mind is scattered.

Have you noticed? It’s only 10 AM and you’re already running late.

Life keeps pushing. It can be relentless. Every week brings mounting responsibilities that turn into heaping routine. Every day starts with the thought of what needs to be done. After a while, even fun is stripped of its joy. Our calendars can’t manage it all. So we look for an answer in the craziness; we look for a pause button.  Read more about Refuge -- Local Pastor >

Family -- LC Staff Member

Recently I’ve been thinking about Esther 14:14: “For such a time as this . . .”

This final encouragement from Mordecai encouraged his cousin Esther to act more bravely than she ever had before on behalf of her family. 

For you and me, it is a different context, but the message is the same: we can’t wait! We can’t wait for someone to raise our family, we can’t wait to take a stand on moral issues, we can’t wait for someone to educate our children.  We have to be bold, and stand for Christ and his message. Read more about Family -- LC Staff Member >

Connection - High School Teacher

One of my guilty pleasures on Monday nights is to curl up on the couch and watch PBS’ “Antique Roadshow”.  There is just something about watching people’s hopes and dreams realized when the painting rescued from the garbage turns out to be worth a hefty amount, or that moment when the whatchamacallit inherited from Aunt Thelma turns out to be worth a small fortune.  Read more about Connection - High School Teacher >

Fathers - LC Parent

Do you ever read job descriptions just for fun? “Must be punctual, organized, proficient at MS Office, have attention to detail, flexible, ability to work within deadlines. Must be a Self-starter, positive attitude, successful sales background, works with a variety of personalities, competitive, with experience in social media marketing.” Given my tendencies toward disorganization and inability to understand how Facebook and Twitter function, I’d be an easy resume for the garbage for an HR person filling the above two positions. Read more about Fathers - LC Parent >