Senior Presentations - Design

Here I am.  I’m ready to leave the town of Lynden, the school of Lynden Christian, my family, my friends, and my home to pursue a future where nothing is guaranteed but everything is attainable.  It’s as if I’m an airplane, sitting at the end of the runway, ready to accelerate.  But in order to take off, everything on the airplane must be in fully operational condition.  The structural design must be up to the stress of takeoff because even the smallest fault will lead to disaster. Read more about Senior Presentations - Design >

Senior Presentations -- Hard Lessons in Grace

I have attended Lynden Christian schools all the way from pre-school to senior year, and, throughout my school career at LC, there have been good times and bad times. LC has taught me a lot about myself. It has taught me that I am a hard worker and can push my way through anything that comes my way. But, on the bad side, it has shown me that I can take my responsibilities for granted and misuse them. Read more about Senior Presentations -- Hard Lessons in Grace >

Senior Presentation - Packing Up

           Living in a small town you only see yourselves as others see you, but the minute you leave you are exposed to a whole new side of yourself. Every other year my family and I go to Africa. By traveling there every other year, I have really found a passion and love for new places. Africa is a place where my heart can find true happiness and joy, and, because of my experience there, traveling is something this will forever and always be in my life. Read more about Senior Presentation - Packing Up >

Where Are My Caves? - LCHS Senior

           Fall is the best time of the year.  The leaves change color and the smell in the air grows crisp.  It’s the time of year where people begin drinking warm Apple Cider and wearing more layers.  Boots are worn instead of sandals, and sweaters instead of tank tops. Unlike summer, fall tends to get more dark and cold at night.  This forces everyone to come inside. Read more about Where Are My Caves? - LCHS Senior >

Why I Want to Teach at a Christian School -- LC Teacher

     Why do I want to teach in a Christian school?  Because I believe in Christian Education.  I believe it makes a difference in the lives of students.  I believe it made a difference in my life.  With the exception of two years teaching in a public school, I have been part of Christian Education since I started 1st grade at Lynden Christian School.  Nearly 40 years surrounded by people who share a common faith, whether they were my own teachers or professors or my colleagues, is simply awesome.  Read more about Why I Want to Teach at a Christian School -- LC Teacher >