A Reflection

Hello! My name is Kristin Dick and I am a senior graduating from Lynden Christian High School on June 6 of this year! I have attended LC now for fourteen years and have practically grown up in this school. This school is where I spend most of my time, and I have grown to see it as my second home. It has brought me countless memories and friendships that will last a long, long time.

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CREW Reflections -- 4th Grade

As part of our commitment to Teaching for Transformation, the LC Elementary School practices service through CREW (Caring, Responsible, Effort, Worship) Projects.  Here are some reflections of their experience:

I have learned that serving is a really powerful thing and serving can help people in the hospital . . . the sick, the homeless, and orphans, too.

We are on CREW to care for people, to be responsible, and to keep up our effort, and if we are doing that we are worshipping. Read more about CREW Reflections -- 4th Grade >

Alumni News

My name is TJ Van Weerdhuizen. I believe my Mom may have warned you that this email was coming. The island where I teach just went through one of the strongest recorded storms to hit U.S. soil in 2018 and there is little to no media coverage about it because most people haven't even heard of the island. Read more about Alumni News >