Letter to a Teacher

...I wanted to commend you on your recent assignment related to the bookTo Kill A Mockingbird. Four of your sophomores helped us (Project Hope) out distributing gifts for the Angels of Hope program during Christmas break, and then they returned to ask me questions related to an assignment you had given them and other groups in one of your class...  Read more about Letter to a Teacher >

Letter to a Skeptic -- HS Senior*


So you are a skeptic? I understand you have doubts and you are confused, it is human nature to have questions. You have doubts about the necessity of religion and the existence of God all together. Let me tell you something, you are missing out on something good. Religion holds the explanation to many of the doubts you are having. Many atheists have the same doubts you are having at this very moment. Read more about Letter to a Skeptic -- HS Senior* >

Letter to a Skeptic -- HS Senior*

Done in Senior Honors English in response to issues raised in Timothy Keller's Making Sense of God.

Don't you ever feel like there's a greater purpose to our existence? That we're not just here going through the motions until we die? The problem is that many people think this way, and live out meaningless lives without any understanding or any real purpose in life. Christianity is the key to understanding our existence, and will give us a sense of purpose in life and in afterlife. Read more about Letter to a Skeptic -- HS Senior* >