Open House - come and explore the benefits of a total early one-way Spanish Immersion program focusing on Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1. Meet the teachers, see the classrooms, explore the vision of your child becoming bi-lingual!

When: Thursday, March 7, at 6:30 PM

Where: 400 Meadowbrook Ct. (Birchwood Presbyterian Church)

Along with our excellent Christian education, Evergreen Christian offers a Spanish Immersion program for Preschool (3 and 4 years old), Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. The program will grow by adding a grade each year. English speaking students can enter the Spanish Immersion program through 1st grade. A Spanish speaking student, to enter the program after 1st grade, can test to see if they qualify for grade level. In middle school, students will take some of their content courses in Spanish, to maintain their Spanish language skills, while still rotating classes with their traditional English classmates. This program is designed to immerse students in the Spanish language while maintaining a high-quality, Christ-centered education.

Here's the link to the Spanish Immersion Las Posadas

What is Immersion?

  • A research-based, proven method of educating children by immersing them in a second or "target" language so they become fully bilingual.
  • The classroom environment becomes the setting for language acquisition through core subject content instruction, educational discourse, and social interactions.

How does it work?

  • Students begin their immersion experience in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade.
  • Students are taught to read, write, and converse in Spanish by becoming immersed in the Spanish language throughout the school day. All core subject areas are taught in Spanish.
  • Explicit teaching of English only skills (that are not transferable), beginning in third grade, occurs through core subject areas such as social studies or science.
  • By the end of fifth grade, students will become fluent in Spanish (as compared to a native speaking fifth grader).
  • In grades sixth-eighth, students will transition into a secondary continuing immersion experience that will allow students to further build academic vocabulary in Spanish while still changing classes and interacting with their English only classmates.

The Benefits of Spanish Immersion

Research reveals the following benefits to learning a second language:

  • Has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enhances a child's mental development.
  • Produces students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening.
  • Improves children's understanding of their own native language.
  • Enhances children's ability to learn additional languages.
  • Opens the door to other cultures and helps children understand and appreciate people from other countries.
  • Increases job opportunities in all careers.

Our Partnership

Evergreen Christian partners with add.a.lingua to help design a research-based curriculum, provide experience in immersion education, and facilitate teacher training. Their expertise in working with other Christian Schools throughout the country will give our program the support and training for a terrific foundation. More information about add.a.lingua can be found on their website.


Our Spanish Immersion program is located at 400 Meadowbrook Court in Bellingham, WA. We refer to it as our Cordata Campus.


Please contact Glen Hendricks, Principal, at 360-738-8248.