Becky Bos

Spouse:  Tyler Bos

Children:  Cassidy 13, Morgan 10, Dallas 5

Church:  Nooksack Valley Reformed Church 

Education: LCHS 1996. Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, Shoreline Community in Shoreline Seattle, graduated in 1999 at Whatcom Community with a BA in Graphic Design.

Employment: former at Applied Digital Imaging in Bellingham, WA, Stay at home mom, currently at Nooksack Valley Reformed Church as their landscaper and Jr. High Youth Leader.

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life.

Prayer is so important to me in my personal walk with God. As a person who has always struggled to read, I find prayer a major part of my personal relationship with Christ. I would be nothing without the love of Christ and his forgiveness. The fact that God sent his only son to die for us is just an amazing thought. I’m thankful that each and every day is a new day, a fresh start. I’m so thankful that in a world so full of sin and wrong, I can serve a God that loves me, forgives me and guides me. God has taught me to live in the positive. Everyday is a new day. Every opportunity is a way to grow personally or to teach and love others. I’m thankful that God has given me an outgoing, spunky and serving personality to be able to use to witness to, and love on others. 

Why did you choose Christian education for your child(ren)?

Having grown up in Lynden and attended Lynden Christian K-12 I already had a feel for how the school was run, the mission, the Christian teachings, the positive teachers, etc. While the tuition was a leap of faith, my husband and I felt it was time to transfer our first child at 3rd grade to Lynden Christian. We desired a Christian parent and community led school. We wanted an education that was challenging yet full of energy and fun. Most importantly, we wanted our children to be influenced daily by Christian role models, teachers, friends, bus drivers, custodians, coaches, etc.

Jon DeJong

Spouse: Shelly DeJong

Children: George 18, Laine 16, Tabby 12, Etta 9, Mieke 6

Church: Bethel CRC

Education: LC ‘93, Calvin College ‘97

Employment: Partner in Eaglemill Farms, L.L.C.

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life: My Christianfaith is an important foundation in guiding how I try to live my life in daily interactions with family, friends, business relationships, and employees. I feel that as Christ followers we are to live so that we bear the light of our Savior and His plan of salvation in everyday life. I also have found amazing comfort and power through God’s grace in times of trials and have found hope through His promises in the times when I have fallen short.

Why did you choose Christian education for your child(ren)? We have both homeschooled and have sent our kids to Lynden Christian. We felt that as we sent our kids out of the home to continue their education, surrounding them with Christ centered learning enables them to see how everything is relevant to their spiritual walk. Whether on the athletic fields or in music or in the classroom, it is more about who you are becoming than how much knowledge you are gaining.

Daniel Gibson

Spouse: Emily Gibson, M.D.

Children: Nate, Ben, Lea

Church: Wiser Lake Chapel

Education: LCHS 1971, Dordt College 1975, University of Washington Law School, 1980.

Employment: Retired from the Whatcom County Prosecutors Office, King County (Seattle) Prosecutor's Office, former Law Clerk for Judge, former Chatham Christian School high school social studies teacher

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life.

To use a phrase often employed by the Apostle Paul, I am "in Christ". Thus a child of God by adoption. Christ is the Logos (John 1) by whom all things were made, so we are his handiwork through his work in creation.  He is also our Savior, making us his new creation through his work in redemption. His redemption extends through his people to creation itself, so that he is making all things new. Christ dwells in us now by his Spirit, conforming us in increasing measure to his likeness. He is not only our Creator end Redeemer but he is our brother who shares with us our humanity, our friend, and our hope of glory.  Thus Christ's relationship with me is life-encompassing, and he is both source and object of my ultimate contentment. Though this relationship is intensely personal, it also draws me into a deep relationship to the body of Christ, the church, in which we serve and are served by one another for the sake of Christ.

Why did you choose Christian education for your child(ren)?

The Christian parent must ask how to best nurture children in a walk of faith characterized by comprehensive obedience and love of God and neighbor that keeps pace as the child grows intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. Lynden Christian School, as a day school, laying claim to the name "Christian" is far from perfect but nonetheless is a place where staff, teachers, and administrators consciously seek to develop and maintain a learning environment in which God's work in creation and redemption is recognized, honored, and explored, and where each child is accepted and nurtured as a person with an eternal destiny. That is why we embraced Christian day school education for our children.

Amy Hemnes

Spouse: Lucas Hemnes

Children: Moses 9, Millie 7

Church: Nooksack Valley Reformed Church

Education: LCHS 2001, Shoreline 2002

Employment: Co-owner and Hairdresser at Plum Hair Studio

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life.

I strive to put Jesus and my faith in the center of my life.  I find the most peace and joy when I put God first instead of all the rest. 

Why did you choose Christian education for your child(ren)?

Luke and I were blessed with Christian education K-12. We agree with the mission of LC: Educating our children so that they may grow and mature into perceptive and caring

Christians. Our deepest desire is to have our children accept Jesus into their hearts and lives.

Robin Korthuis

Spouse:  Steve Korthuis

Children: Jenah-21, Kolton-19, Levi-16, Karlie-13, Kenadi-13

Church: Sunrise Baptist

Education:  Lynden Christian High School 1989, Northwestern College 1993

Employment: Lynden Family Physical Therapy Office Manager (21 years)

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life:

My relationship with Jesus Christ started as a young child. I am a sinner who has been forgiven and saved only by His grace and mercy. Because He is Lord of my life my desire is to live for Him and to seek Him daily for guidance and direction through His Word and prayer. He has continually shown me His faithfulness, love and powerful presence when I sincerely pursue Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Every day is a gift from Him and my desire is to bring Him glory and to point others to Him through the opportunities He brings into my life each day.

Why did you choose Christian education for my children?

I value a Christian education for our children because they spend significant hours in school and I desire the same values being taught at home to be carried over into their school lives. My prayer is that they would not just learn about God and His word but that God would be real in their personal hearts and lives. Deuteronomy 6:5-9 reminds me how important it is to continually impress His Word and His commandments on the hearts and minds of our children with every opportunity we are given. It is a blessing for our children to be surrounded by teachers and staff who teach their subjects with sincere concern for the hearts of each student while encouraging them to be transforming influences in the world for God’s glory and not their own. Therefore, I deeply value LC’s mission “Linking Head and Heart, Home and School, Child and God”.

Lori TeVelde

Spouse: Dale

Children: Blake 23 and wife Clara, Brittany 20, Becca 15

Church: Nooksack Valley Reformed Church

Education: LCHS 1989, Dordt College1993

Employment: Teacher's Aide at LCS, Preschool Teacher at Kids of the Kingdom

Explain your relationship to Jesus Christ and how that affects your life:

Jesus Christ is my Lord, my Savior and my friend. I feel truly humbled that he has chosen me to be His servant. I try to live my life in gratitude to Him for all he has done for me. I live amazed by His continuing love for me.

Why did you choose Christian education for your child(ren)?

We chose Christian education for our children because we wanted to raise them in the knowledge of the Lord and felt that teaming with the church and the school was the best way to do this. We wanted our children to learn that God is in every part of life not just for Sundays or church. We wanted our children to know and love the Lord, so that one day they would be equipped to go out into the world and share the good news wherever they lived or worked. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6